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Clients at ATC Healthcare Services in Jacksonville, FL

Clients at ATC Healthcare Services in Jacksonville, FL

Here at ATC we take the responsibility of our clients’ patients very seriously and only assign employees that meet our strict criteria. We are here to solve staffing issues with speed and quality. The Healthcare Professionals we staff are all kinds, includning PTs and OTs, techs, and whoever you are looking for.

An applicant will be considered an ATC employee only after completing the following completion of application process:

  • Verification of licensure, certification or registration (as appropriate for profession)
  • Review of resume/work history, prior/current references
  • Administration of self-assessment skills checklist (specific to the area of potential assignment)
  • Administration and passing of skill evaluation (specific to area of potential assignment)
  • Presentation of CPR, ACLS, etc., as appropriate for profession
  • Completion of ATC self-study learning modules and post-test covering mandatory OSHA and JCAHO recommendations and standards
  • Completion of ATC general orientation
  • Completion of client-specific orientation

The Benefits of Staffing with ATC Florida:

  • By using our healthcare associates you will be able to reduce the cost with part-time employees and manage overall healthcare costs. ATC provides the medical staffing services you need without incurring additional expenses for training, payroll, and verification.
  • Our nurses allow your facility to meet peak staffing demands as well as manage any unexpected or emergency staffing situations. If there is ever a staffing problem in your facility we will solve it.
  • We can help fill temporary positions for vacationing employees saving you time and the hassle of finding temporary employees.
  • You can fill all positions with high turnover rates through us which eliminates the struggle to find new healthcare professionals every few months.

Here at ATC Healthcare Services of Florida we do everything in our power to solve any staffing situation for any healthcare provider in Florida. We pride ourselves on hiring the most qualified, appropriate nurses, techs, etc. From the interview, to background checks and drug screenings, we find the best, properly credentialed healthcare professionals for the job.